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Eliminate manual keying of emailed credit cards while lowering fees

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“Our accounts receivable program is so much more efficient with Billtrust. Plus, with all the improvements we’ve implemented, our costs are 35% lower!”

- Tina Schneider, Credit & Accounts Receivable Manager, Medela

"More and more, our customers are moving to the use of these virtual, one-time payment credit cards, which added a great deal of manual processing for the cash application department. Understandably, we needed a solution and Billtrust Virtual Credit Card Capture was that solution. With the increased automation, we were able to reallocate an FTE, which has allowed us to improve our overall processes”

- Kim Farmer, Cash Application Manager, Thyssenkrupp & Bobby McPherson, Customer Financial Services Manager, Thyssenkrupp

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How Virtual Card Capture works

Today your business receives dozens, maybe hundreds or thousands of virtual credit cards via email, and it’s up to you to manually process them securely. With Virtual Card Capture from Billtrust, there’s no need for your A/R team to spend hours each day manually retrieving and processing these payments. Instead:

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Payment instructions are extracted directly from A/P platforms and from emails

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Remittance data and card numbers are pulled from portals

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Payments are processed automatically

You’ll get money deposited straight into your bank account, and an electronic lockbox file in any format you prefer, ready for your accounting software. Best of all, we can help you save money with reduced credit card processing fees.

With Virtual Card Capture from Billtrust, you can save time, money, and increase your cash flow through automation.

How Virtual Card Capture simplifies payment acceptance

Eliminate manual keying

Rather than dedicating your staff’s time to opening emails and keying credit card payments, Billtrust opens and processes emailed virtual credit cards as they are received by customers.

Lower credit card fees

Billtrust technology supports Level 3 and Large Ticket credit card processing which can shave a full percent or more off of the fees you pay to accept emailed virtual credit cards.

Simplify posting of payments

All payment and remittance details pulled from emails, attachments, and A/P portals. Your data is consolidated into a single daily report and can be formatted for any file type to support direct import into all accounting systems and ERPs.

Improve security

Eliminate the burden of storing and keying sensitive payment data, including card numbers and customer portal credentials. Billtrust is PCI compliant and stores and secures all credit cards using advanced tokenization technology.

Increase your cash flow with automated virtual card processing.

See how much you can save with Billtrust by automating your emailed credit card payments and reducing your interchange fees.

Savings Calculator

10 per day

*Based on estimated fees of 2.60%
**Based on average of 5.4 minutes processing time for each emailed credit card

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should sign up for this service?

The use of emailed card payments are increasing every day. We recommend that any organization which handles a minimum of 25 emailed card payments per week utilize our automated solution to prevent cash flow problems, and to free up A/R team members for more important work.

What is the difference between Billtrust’s Virtual Card Capture platform and other straight through processing (STP) programs offered by banks?

Traditional STP programs offer limited options. In general, they can only resolve the challenge of keying of payments sent by a small set of issuers, and suppliers are still expected to retrieve remittance details and manually post payments to their accounting software.

Billtrust’s Virtual Card Capture solution takes automation to the next level. Not only are emailed virtual card payment processed automatically, Billtrust automates a direct feed from the A/P networks and banks to capture payments and process multiple payments at a time, leading to faster funding with fewer errors. Cash is deposited into your account while remittance data is retrieved, consolidated in a daily electronic lockbox file, and is delivered to the supplier using the supplier’s accounting system software requirements.

Are suppliers charged for emails that do not result in a payment?

No. You’ll only pay for emails which result in a settled transaction count against your monthly volume.

How do I get started?

It’s easy to get your A/R team up and running with Virtual Card Capture. Simply sign up for an account by clicking here. We’ll get in touch with you to complete the registration process. Next, we’ll confirm your remittance preferences, and register your new or existing merchant account. Finally, you’ll create a forwarding rule for your Virtual Card Inbox account, and your account will go live.

Does IT need to be involved in the setup process?

There is minimal IT involvement, and for many customers, there is none. It can be as simple as forwarding emails from the existing A/R email inbox to Billtrust. Additionally, you can have your IT department create a script to automatically import Billtrust’s custom-formatted electronic lockbox file for automatic import into your accounting software or ERP.

Do I need to be an existing Billtrust customer to sign-up?

No, anyone can use Virtual Card Capture. You have the choice to utilize your own merchant services provider or you can use Billtrust Merchant Services for even greater savings.

Can I lower my payment processing fees with Billtrust Virtual Card Capture?

Yes, Billtrust can help you take advantage of Level 3 credit card processing savings, reducing your fees by up to one percentage point or more.

Do I need to sign-up for a new merchant account for this service?

No. You have the option of creating a new merchant account through Billtrust or connecting an existing merchant ID (MID) to Virtual Card Capture.